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WelCome To Longer Vision

The cultivation of education, the refinement of the present experience, the knowledge, the interpretation of phenomena, problems, or actions, it is based on a relatively mature or rational thinking of human cognitive treatment, so that things are close to its most fundamental existence, in which people slowly to a thing from the sensory touch to a cognitive understanding of the State, and form a relatively perfect or rational self-awareness thinking.

  • Science

    A system based on predictable and orderly knowledge of the form, organization, etc of an objective thing.

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  • Technology

    The way to solve problems is to use existing things to form new things, or to change existing things.

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  • Engineering

    The conversion of a (or some) existing entity (natural or man-made) into an artificial product with the desired use value.

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  • Mathematics

    A discipline that studies the concepts of quantity, structure, change, space, and information, from some point of view, belongs to the form science.

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Some notices

Have a certain knowledge and memory of learning materials. Including specific concepts, functions, meaning and so on cognition and learning. The psychological process it requires is mainly memory. This is the lowest level of cognitive learning.

  • The result of fact or observation is the logical induction of objective things.
  • Used to record dates and other related information.
  • An activity that is governed by a set of rules that involves physical strength and skill.
  • Human society needs to transmit information and exchange ideas.
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Our Team

  • Dr. Jia

    Ph.D from Computer, Essex University, and Visiting Scholar from University of Cambridge, UK. With a strong sense of professionalism and pioneering spirit.

    Dr. Jia
  • Dr. Lu
    Dr. Lu

    Current lecturer of Computer Science, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications; Ph.D from Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Postdoc from Beijing University.

    Dr. Lu
  • Mr. Zheng
    Mr. Zheng

    Current master student in South China University of Technology.First Prize of ROBO Master 2016, and Ranked First of Flight Challenge in ROBO Master 2017.

    Mr. Zheng
  • Mr. Yin

    Java Engineer.Web Designer.UI Designe.

    Mr. Yin
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